Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wishlist Update & Honeymoon Memories: Sint Maartin Guavaberry

This time two years ago, it was the day before we got married and two days before we were on a cruise to the US Virgin Islands and St. Maartin. When ever we go any where we always go to a local grocery store and see what's new. We had heard about the famous guavaberries of St. Maartin, so when we were there (after stopping at a local store and stocking up on Haribo gummy candies and other odds and ends) we went to the Sint Maartin guavaberry emporium (which is on the site of a synagogue that was abandoned in 1781, interestingly enough), had guavaberry colodas and picked up a couple of bottles of the guavaberry liqueur and a bottle of the lime rum. The lime rum was spectacular and the guavaberry had a very unique fruity but not sweet flavor. We quickly drank the lime rum and one bottle of the guavaberry. Then one day my husband accidentally dropped the remaining bottle of the guavaberry liqueur. We were so disappointed because it was a reminder of our honeymoon.and difficult to find. While they do have mail order, it is illegal to receive alcohol in the mail in Maryland and even if we chanced it and ordered anyway, it was about four times as expensive online than it was in the store. So we resigned ourselves to having to wait until we or someone we knew (and who wouldn't mind being our guavaberry mule) went to St. Maartin.

I recently added it to my food wishlist on the side column, more as a reminder to myself than anything else-I know it isn't available for sale here, and even our most accommodating liquor store said they couldn't order it. So imagine my surprise last week, just a few days after adding to the list, a eagle-eyed reader, Judy, emailed me and said she had a bottle she'd be willing to give me. Luckily, she lives in Maryland and suggested meeting up at Wegmans. So I drove up to Wegmans (for the second time in 4 days-I think they are starting to recognize me) and met the very generous Judy. She had gotten a couple bottles from a friend and didn't think they'd ever drink the (unopened) second bottle. So she nicely gave it to me! It was perfect timing too, because I was able to give it to my husband for our anniversary this weekend.

I was here!