Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

I know I have posted about my deep and abiding love of Vosges here before. Matt and I received a box of the truffles as a wedding gift from our friends Heather and Chris and ever since we have wanted more. However, is just not easy to get Vosges here in Baltimore. Wegmans some times carries the bars, but the more exotic things like the truffles and chips have eluded me.
I have especially wanted to try the new(ish) chips and recently added them to my food wishlist. Imagine my delight when someone stumbled onto this blog, saw them on the list and offered to send me some. Imagine my further delight when I received the box in the mail today and found not only a pack of the Black Pearl chips and a pack of the Red Fire chips, but also a goji bar and a green truffle set. I nearly cried with joy. I can not wait to make some thing with the chips this weekend, and the truffles are amazing-the flavors are so complex and I love the snap of the chocolate when you take a bite. I am the luckiest food blogger ever!