Saturday, March 31, 2007

S'ghetti Eddies

We had read a fairly positive review of the new(ish) sub & pizza shop S'ghetti Eddie's (410 W Cold Spring Lane) in the Baltimore Sun and decided to overlook the cutesy name and give it a shot. We don't live exactly in the neighborhood (about 10-20 minutes away, depending on traffic) but we decided to take out some subs.

Matt went over to order in person. The place was very crowded and apparently smelled great. However, Matt ordered and then sat there for almost 45 minutes before someone noticed that he was still waiting. Apparently the order had been up for some time, but no one had called his name. Their excuse was that they thought it was a phone-in order but still, wouldn't it be worth a quick shout out if you notices an order sitting on the counter for a while? Anyway, Matt grabbed the subs and then sped home. We worried they'd be cold, but we could feel a vague warmth through the layers of paper they wrapped them in, so we weren't too disappointed.

Or at least we weren't disappointed until we unwrapped them. I had gotten a chicken parm with broccoli rabe (broccoli rabe being a topping choice is really what drew us in) and mushrooms and Matt got a meatball with the same. Unfortunately, when they made them, rather than placing the cheese against the roll to form a barrier between the meat/sauce and the roll, they placed it on top. This meant two things: the meatball sub was very soggy (the chicken parm oddly had very little sauce so this wasn't a problem for that one) and the cheese stuck to the paper they wrapped it in.
Exhibit A:

Note the paper that is fused to the entire top of the sub. In order to peel it off so I could eat, I had to remove 99% of the cheese and some of the meat and roll and still got the occasional bite of paper bits when I took a bite. I have never had this happen with a sub before. I think it is the result of a few factors: one, they put the cheese on top, instead of the side; two, they used a sheet of waxed paper and wrapped in more butcher paper that wasn't nonstick enough and lastly, the the subs were rolled in paper really, really tightly.

Beyond the cheese/paper fiasco, the subs were fairly good. Like I said, Matt's meatball sub (or hoagie or grinder or hero) was a bit soggy-the sauce even made it through the 6 or so layers of paper they wrapped it in but it was tasty and we both liked the broccoli rabe addition.

My chicken parmesan was okay, it didn't have cheese any more, and there was very little sauce and while this meant the sub wasn't soggy, I also didn't get too good of a taste of it. The chicken was all breast meat and appeared to be coated in panko crumbs and was fairly grease-free. One odd thing was that the chicken, rather than being in fillet form like all of the other chicken parmesan subs I've seen in my life was in "finger" form, stacks of little logs of chicken, rather than one (or two) large flat pieces. This meant that the breading to chicken ratio was pretty high, and the sub was a little unwieldy- the chunks of chicken were stuck in some what randomly and had a tendency to fall out of the sub (much to the delight of our pug) when I bit in. It also meant that there was a lot of chicken in some parts of the sub, and very little in others.

So all in all, the flavor of the subs were good, but the presentation was awful and made the eating experience way more tedious and less enjoyable than it could have been. In the amount of time it took us to extricate the subs from the paper and heat them up again, I almost could have fried up my own chicken breast and made my own sandwich with some leftover sauce and a roll. If it wasn't so far away and we weren't so hungry, I would have turned around and returned them when I saw how mangled they were.

So, I would recommend eating in if you want to try S'ghetti Eddies, or at least waiting until they learn how to make a sandwich. It's a shame, really. There aren't too many sandwich shops around and their other restaurants, Alfonso's and Loco Hombre are fairly good.

S'Ghetti Eddie's in Baltimore