Friday, March 16, 2007

moules, frites and beer

One of the places I'd like to visit most in the world in Belgium. Food-wise it seems to have the perfect combination to satisfy both me and my husband: mussels, beers, fries and chocolate. Until we can go there, Belgo is as close as we can get. This cookbook, based on the restaurant of the same name, not only gives recipes and tips for the moules & frites novice, but has interesting bits about Belgium's festivals, a Belgian beer guide and several quirky essays and illustrations. Belgo is a British restaurant (and I just read there is a location in NYC) and the measurements and instructions have not been "Americanized" like some European and Australian cookbooks are when they are published here, but it really isn't difficult to "translate" as the instructions are extremely clear. I only mention it because I have seen this mentioned in a number of reviews of book, but frankly, I didn't really notice. This would be an excellent cookbook on its own merits, but given the difficulty in locating Belgian cookbooks, it is invaluable.