Friday, March 02, 2007

Ingredient Wishlist

Am I the only one with a running ingredient wishlist of things I just can't seem to find? I know with the internet, most things are within reach but it is often cost prohibitive. There is also a certain thrill you get from seeing something you've been looking for right on the shelf. Smoked paprika was on my list for a long time until one day at my local Safeway, there it was as if it had been there all along. We also used to have to special order hot paprika (we have a lot of paprika needs) but suddenly that is available too. This gives me hope.

My current list:
+ sushi grade fish (FOUND! salmon at H Mart)
+ pearl sugar (I saw it on Julia Child's chefs show and have been wanting to try it ever since)
+ matcha powder (for less than a billion dollars an ounce, please)
+ goji berries at Hmart (I hear they are cheap there but I can't read the labels)
+ edible silver dust
+ red currants (never available fresh)
+ golden kiwi (I've had them, just not in ages)
+ Ribena
+ those cordials (fruit syrups, I assume) that are always in Australian books/movies
+ Gooseberries
+ Valomilk
+ Haribo gummi rainbow mini frogs and fizzy soda bottles* (on my Amazon wishlist)

What's on your list?

*True story: several varieties Haribo candies (including the mini frogs) are made here in Baltimore, but according to the company are only available at a couple XtraMarts in MD, none of which are near us. Ironically, when we went on a cruise for our honeymoon the ship had several varieties in the gift shop all marked "made in Baltimore, MD" and a grocery store in St. Maartin had even more; some were made in Europe, but about half were marked "made in Baltimore, MD". So we had to go to a foreign country to get something that was manufactured not 5 miles from where we were living at the time.