Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fisher's Bakery & Anniversary Doughnuts

When we got married in 2005, I didn't want a big wedding. Instead, we went to the courthouse in Ellicott City and got married by a justice of the peace. We don't live near Ellicott City, but the courthouse is located near the historic main street, which is pretty, and I thought we could walk around afterwards. Matt made the appointment for 3PM. When I learned that, I was actually a little annoyed- I had hoped for an earlier appointment. Why? I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get my favorite doughnuts from Fisher's Bakery that late. We rarely go to Ellicott City but Fisher's doughnuts haven a special favorite of mine since I was a child and lived some what closer. The only problem was that they often sell out early in the day and close up shop*. My plan had been that we'd get married, drop the announcements/invitations (Matt's parents threw us a wedding party in NYC in April) in the mail, then go get a doughnut snack. If I was going to drive all the way to Ellicott City, I wanted my doughnut! Luckily, they still had some at 3PM and all was well in the world. I had a new husband and my favorite doughnut. What more could I ask?

Today, for our anniversary, Matt got up early and drove to Ellicott City so I could have my favorite (chocolate iced, custard filled)doughnut when I woke up this morning. I wasn't disappointed: creamy, rich custard, sharp dark chocolate, light and airy dough. Doughnut perfection achieved.

*Or at least they used to, now they sell sandwiches and things so their hours are a little more standard. They still might sell out of your favorites, though.