Saturday, March 03, 2007


I remember reading about CB2 a few years ago when they opened their store in Chicago. They are an off shoot of Crate & Barrel. I had checked out their website but then promptly forgot about them. I was sent there recently via a link to some cute bicycle baskets and clicked over to the "party" and "eat" sections and was pleasantly surprised. They have some really fun, high quality stuff that is a lot like what you find at Crate & Barrel but a bit cheaper and in modern colors and designs. They had some pricier items like sofas, art and housewares, which is understandable, but all of their glasses, plates and serving ware were all very inexpensive for what seems to be quality merchandise. Underpainted glass dishes and platters are only $5-15. I think I had avoided it thinking it was a Crate and Barrel for teenagers, and while it does seem to be aimed at youngish professionals, there is something there for everyone. My only complaint is that there are no actually cooking items for sale; there are lots of drinking and eating items like plates, cocktail glasses and ice pitchers but no mixing bowls, measuring cups, etc.