Friday, February 16, 2007

Planning for Summer Recipes in February

When you look outside and your yard looks like this:

it is hard to remember that Spring is not that far off. However, we are already hard at work on planning our garden. A couple of years ago we went berry picking and I picked some of the prettiest golden raspberries. I was so taken with them, I remembered their name: kiwi gold. I have seen them occasionally at Whole Foods but they are always so expensive I didn't buy them. Anyway, we have a very large yard with plenty of room for planting, an rarity in our city. We already have a plum tree and have grown vegetables so raspberries were the next logical step. We did some looking around and found that our favorite online nursery is selling the kiwi gold variety this year! From their description: "Kiwi Gold is a yellow-gold variety with sweet flavor and great holding ability on the vine. Unlike some varieties, Kiwi gold won't fall to pieces if you delay picking the ripe fruit a day or two; it stays firm, juicy, and super-flavorful. Plants are very vigorous and resist powdery mildew." We've already ordered a set of 6 plants. The best part is that Greenwood will automatically ship the plants out at your frost free date so you don't get them before you can plant them. I hear they produce the same year you plant them, so I am hoping for some golden raspberries this summer. We are also planting a variety of giant tomato, fennel and strawberry popcorn among other things.

What about you? Are you already planning your gardens?