Monday, February 19, 2007

"Elite" Canning Jars

Ball has just come out with a new line of canning jars that I really like: the Collection Elite Platinum Jar . I was sent some as part of a promotion and I like them so much more than the jars I have I used in the past. These have a more modern shape, plain glass sides and brushed finish "platinum" lids. I know I am not alone in my dislike of the old style fruit print or "quilted" jars and these are much better-I feel a lot less like Ma in Little House on the Prairie when I look at these and think about canning. They'd also be great for storing things like beads or cotton balls, they hold a lot but don't take up much room. I have the 8oz size, but I hear they come in 16 oz as well. The only downside to the new design that I could see is that unlike the traditonal 8 oz jars, the 8 oz platinum jars are rather squat, so you couldn't use them to can small amounts of long or bulky foods like pickles. They would still be perfect for jelly, jam, salsa or curd though. You can buy them online here.