Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fanciful Fruits

A trip to the insanely crowded H Mart today yielded some fruit and veggie wonders: about 15 kiwi for $3*, rhubarb, Thai and Chinese eggplant, tons of greens, kumquats (I've been wanting to try them but they are normally so expensive. H Mart had a good sized box for $2!), two kinds of hot peppers, mushrooms, and a 2 lb bag key limes for $3. We also got the usual frozen dumplings/noodles/sushi ingredients and some odd flours to make har gao with. And palm sugar, which I've been looking for. Ooh, and some frozen mixed seafood (octopus! squid! shrimp! mussels!) which will be fun to pop into soups and stirfry.

We haven't done a tremendous amount of cooking the last few days, my Grandpop had his birthday (he's 93 this year) yesterday so we didn't make anything exciting for dinner Thursday because we didn't want leftovers and then Friday we had dinner with him and didn't cook. So, I am excited to get back into the swing of things with some new ingredients: rhubarb! kumquat! to try. Any suggestions?

*normally $1-1.50 each to put it in perspective.