Friday, February 23, 2007

5 Facts About Me

Me, age 6.

So, I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, Ximena, to tell 5 things about me. I think you already know the basics: I live in Baltimore, MD (but did you know I have never lived anywhere else and don't plan to?), I am 27 (08.19.79!), I have a husband of almost 2 years, Matt (born 05.29.72, married 03.25.05), two dogs, Violet (a 4 year old black whippet) and Elvis (14 year old pug) and a house (built 1934) with a big yard and I enjoy cooking.

But did you know....

1. I read nearly a book a day, some times more. I am a super fast reader and read all the time. Even when I am brushing my teeth or waiting for something to download on the computer. I can't stand downtime. I carry a book with me every where in case I have to wait some where. I find it puzzling when people say they don't have time to read, I read very quickly but really, there is always time to read if you really want to even if it is just for a few minutes. Even when I was finishing up my Master's and working full time I kept up the pace. I spend time watching TV (although I admit I occasionally read during commerical breaks, especially if I am alone) and watch an average of 6 movies a week (we have two 3-at-a-time Netflix accounts) so it is not like I have given up all other forms of media. I can't help it. I get fidgety when I can't read. If I am stuck without a book, I will read a toothpaste tube rather than not read anything. My favorite types of books to read: memoirs (of famous/infamous/ordinary people/adoption/addicts/feminists), books about interesting disorders (OCD, autism, bipolar etc.), food writing, travelogues, loads of nongenre novels, the occasional mystery or young adult novel, some true crime, social histories, cryptology and design. I don't like: sports writing, science fiction, fantasy, anything with fairies (or even less, with faeries).

2. I love getting mail. When we bought our house, one of the things I was most excited about was that we were allowed to have a private mailbox in front of our house (in most of Baltimore City, houses have those wall mounted type mailboxes that you can't fit packages in or mail things out of) where I could put mail out and leave the flag up so I know when the mailman has been there (he puts the flag down) and not have to go to the post office or even the corner to mail something out. Plus we have an enclosed porch and a driveway where they can leave packages which makes things even easier. I do swaps, get magazines, send away for free samples, subscribe to Netflix, recently joined Film Movement and order things online in order to have a high chance of getting at least one piece of "good" mail each day.

3. I am very, very nearsighted and have worn gas permeable ("hard") contacts since I was 12. I really can't see clearly past my nose. The best part of getting contacts was being able to wear regular sunglasses, which I do everywhere, even in winter because I hate squinting and want to avoid eye wrinkles.

4. I have a good memory. I remember most of what I have read, even from elementary school. I know an inordinate amount of trivia and do very well in those sorts of games and in any sort of historical/trivia/arcane knowledge dispute. I also have a pretty good visual memory-if I want to go back a reread a passage in a book, I can picture where those particular words are on the page and how far in the book they were; I can picture where just about any object in the house is at any time, even the locations of spices in the cabinet; I can find my way around other cities even if I have only been there once (even if I was a child at the time) by remembering the locations of buildings.

5. As a small child I was so obsessed with ketchup that my mother had to buy a pump bottle to decant it into (this was before plastic squeeze bottles) so I could serve myself. Then suddenly I couldn't stand it anymore (I think it was the dried crust that did me in, for a while I could only eat it from packets) and now even the smell makes me sick to my stomach. We have to remove it from tables when we eat out.

So, there you go. I hope I haven't horrified you with my quirks, but I tried to pick things that you probably wouldn't be able to guess just from the blogs. I assure you, I am also exceedingly delightful and entertaining.

I tag: Kristen, Andrea Lynn and Laura Rebecca.