Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's in Your Basket Round Up

Hosting this event has been a lot of fun. I am more than a little nosy and can frequently be found checking out other people's carts at the market. Thanks so much to everyone who participated by giving me a more socially acceptable way to get a little glimpse into what people are buying and eating around the world.

I posted what I bought at a Korean grocery just out side of Baltimore City almost two weeks ago and we really haven't had to shop again.You can see what I bought and what I made with it all here. In the interest of full disclosure: my husband went once to buy milk and while there ran into our neighbor and former rock star/mayor (now governor) Martin O'Malley shopping but that was it.

Kristen of Gezellig Girl was my first respondent-she posted just a few minutes after I emailed her. I am jealous of her use of Fresh Direct! I wish we had that here in Baltimore, the prices look reasonable (especially for NYC) and they deliver! You can see her post here.

Emily of Appetive Behavior loves grocery shopping! Something I can't relate too-I enjoy the ethnic groceries and farmer's markets but day to day shopping kills me. She bought a ton of produce and gave us a excellent tip about feta cheese. Check her post out here.

Becky Ann over at Apron Strings posted here. I am impressed at the variety of items she bought at the farmer's market. Canned goods! Noodle bowls! Yogurt! One stop shopping.

Danielle, a fellow Baltimorean, posted this to her blog Box 89e. Like me, she is swayed by sales. She bought some acorn squash and linked to the recipe she used to prepare it.

I was excited to read Gretchen's (of Canela y Comino) post about buying groceries in Peru. She bought an amazing amount of fruits and vegetables for only 26 American dollars. I love the notes she included about most of the items.

Celine of Celineyum gave us a glimpse into a cart that included a lot of familiar staples: lemons, veggies and canned tomatoes. Check out her post here.

Cucina Bella's Sarah shares my interest in other people's carts. I am glad I am not the only supermarket gawker! She has a number of interesting items including some yummy looking yogurt and cheese and roast beef ends.

Check out what you can haul home on a bicycle at this post on Everybody Loves Sandwiches.

Another blogger who went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market and came home with quite a haul.

Yet another Baltimorean, Julie of Kitchenography , had a very interesting post where she discusses some ethnic markets she frequents (that I must now check out!) and some "Baltimore Moments" she had while shopping at Whole Foods.

Andrea Lynn of Madison & Mulberry posted about how difficult it can be to grocery shop when you live in a major city and have to limit your purchases due to the simple fact that you have to walk home with the bag afterwards. Now she lives in NJ and can take a car to the grocery store and is tempted by all sorts of new goodies, knowing she doesn't have to lug them home on foot.

The Baltimore Snacker was surprised to see that he buys more prepared foods than he thought. Check out his whole post here.

Ruthie of Vegan Ruthie likes to save by buying store brands. She ended up with quite a lot for only $107 with no single item that costing more than $4.85.

I was not surprised by the amount of fruits and vegetables the Vegan Diva bought. She is always sharing her great produce buys (3 stalks of lemongrass for 16 cents!) and this trip was no different.

Ben at Wait-and-See Pudding also went to a large Asian market and really stocked up. He only spent $80 and came home with a cart full of food and 40 lbs of rice! Get all of the details here.

No sugary items at all over all Sugar Delirium! She went to her local farmers market and came home with a bunch of ingredients she is not sure what to do with yet.

Over all All Things Edible, a whole lot of produce, meat and dairy was bought for only $65.

One last person from the Baltimore area, the Hungover Gourmet went to one of my favorite supermarkets, Wegmans, to buy a lot of tasty sounding items. I enjoyed reading his notes about what he planned to do with each purchase.

Kati of the Veggie Voice stocked up on a lot of organic goodies at Whole Foods. She also has a book suggestion if you are interested in learning more about what people around the world eat.

Ximena over at Lobstersquad posted a lovely drawing and list of her grocery haul here.

The voyeurism wraps up with Jasmine, the Cardamon Addict. She shopped at three separate stores. Isn't it odd that it is always the health food stores that has the best chocolate?

Thanks again to all who participated! I loved seeing what everyone bought and found some new (to me) blogs to check out in the process.