Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vosges Chocolate Bars

Every time we go Wegmans (which isn't that often, it's about 1/2 hour away) we always check out their candy isle. I have never seen such a wonderful assortment in a grocery store. Scharffen Berger, Harry and David, Lindt, Rutter, Valrhona, Green & Black, etc. We generally pick out one bar to share. This time I was delighted to see (for the first time!) a selection of the Vosges chocolate bars. There were only three: Barcelona, Goji and the Red Fire to choose from so it was a tough decision. I finally chose the Barcelona which promised "hickory smoked almonds + fleur de sel gray sea salt + deep milk chocolate". Generally I always go for the dark chocolate, but at 41% cacao, the milk was pretty dark and I was intrigued by the fleur de sel and the smoked almonds. If it wasn't so expensive ($4.99, but still cheaper than the list price of $7) I might have been tempted to get more than one. As it was, I made a great choice, the smoky-salty taste was a delightful contrast to the slightly dark creamy chocolate.
It is great knowing I can get these close at home. I hope they sell well so maybe some other varieties will come in (Black Pearl! Macha! Woolloomooloo!) or even the new baking chips.