Thursday, January 04, 2007

Food Blog Awards

This year's food blog awards are up. I enjoyed nominating my favorites and it is opened up to the public to vote.

I am pleased to see some of my favorites in the final 5 for their categories- Lovescool for Best Chef Blog (I remember it from the pre-chef days, it was the first food blog I read), Vegan Lunchbox and Sweetnicks up in the Family/Kids category. In the new blog category we have Jumbo Empanadas and Pinch My Salt facing off, several fun entries up for best post, my long time read Rice and Noodles for Best Recipes, Cream Puffs in Venice for writing and most surprisingly (to me, anyway) I am up in the original recipes category. Go and vote!

The nominations are good place to find new blogs too. Gastrokid is new to me and super cute. And Sushi Day! Yum!