Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rheb's Candy

Every holiday (my birthday, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc) my mom gets me a box of Rheb's candy. It is the best candy in the world. It is all handmade on site here in Baltimore (since 1917) and the caramels in particular are wonderful. I have never had better, even from fancy NYC candy shops. It is creamy yet redolent of burnt sugar. I am also partial to their dark chocolate covered sponges, and many coconut candies. If you go to the store (they have online ordering during the cooler months) during the holiday season, the line is hours long and wraps around the tiny shop and down the street. People are there buying 5, 10, 20 lbs of chocolate. You can make your own assortment, right down to the exact number of each individual candy (although prepacked is available and during the busy season, there is a separate line for prepacked only people that is still quite long, but faster moving) in your box. Then they wrap it up in apparently the same wrapping paper design they have been using since 1930 and tie it up with a bow. Rheb's is a major reason why I can never move from Baltimore-with an August birthday, I'd never get another birthday box. The prices are very reasonable too, it depends what you get but I am pretty sure it is all still under $15 a pound.