Monday, November 27, 2006

Yan Yan

One of my favorite things that I bought while in Chinatown were two types of Yan Yan. Some of the stores around here sell it as a "specialty item" and it is priced accordingly but in Chinatown I was able to buy them for about 80 cents apiece. Yan Yan is basically little crisp cookie sticks (Matt has they remind him of tea cookies) that you dip in a sort of thick icing. It comes in several flavors, I was leary of the chocolate variety so I bought vanillacookies with vanilla icing and vanilla cookies with strawberry icing. Vanilla because pretty much anything vanilla is okay, while chocolate some times is just plain gross when it isn't done properly and strawberry because it was pink (which I now see also comes in a Hello Kitty version, which would be even cuter than what I bought). You dip the cookie sticks in the icing before you eat them. Sort of like a DIY version of Pocky. What sets Yan Yan apart from Pocky (and in my mind, makes it more fun) are the some times bizarre slogans printed on each cookie. Things like "Rabbit- eat more carrots", "Sheep- wool sweaters", "Squirrel- your best friend", "Horse- gallop away" and my favorite: "Stag Beetle- love it". What else can you buy for under $1 that is edible, interactive and amusing?