Thursday, November 16, 2006

Talay Thai Restaurant

I know Staten Island, despite being a part of NYC, is not known for it's culinary delights. Matt's parents had gone to Talay Thai a few times and pronounced it "not just good-for-Staten-Island, but actually good". Sure there are some good Italian restaurants and groceries (the area is traditionally heavily Italian-American) but good Thai? This we had to see. We were not disappointed. We shared amongst the four of us the fried calamari (grease-less!), the curry puffs (very "east meets west"-yellow curry potatoes in puff pastry), mango salad (okay, but I don't generally care for green mango) and tiny Siamese rolls. Everything was garnished with super cute butterflies and roses cut out of carrots. For my main course I ordered the Talay Thai (steamed seafood and glass noodles with a black pepper-ginger sauce) and imagine my surprise when it came out in a giant foil swan! The waitress (who was the daughter of the chef/owner and the sister of the waiter) cut wings out with a flourish and all of the lovely aroma and steam came wafting out. Everything was perfectly cooked-impressive because it is hard to cook calamari, shrimp, and mussels at the same time without one of them getting chewy and overcooked. The flavor was great, lightly ginger-y and mild. Everyone else enjoyed their food as well-they did a good job of varying the spice to taste. Matt got the same dish as his mother but extra spicy and it really was. So often a restaurant says it will vary the heat but often it just comes out some where in the middle. Everyone enjoyed the desserts, I had the mango and coconut sticky rice and the mango was perfectly ripe and the rice was great-not too sweet. Matt loved his fried coconut ice cream, the banana ma ma was greaseless and the pumpkin custard was tasty.

Definitely worth a trip back.

Next up: Chinatown and dim sum.