Monday, October 30, 2006

True Confessions #2: My Mixer

This is my mixer. I have been the proud owner of a Artisan 325-W KitchenAid Mixer in Crystal Blue for over 2 years. So why is it that the first time I used the flat beater was to make these cookies? Why have I been using the whisk attachment for virtually everything, except on the rare occasions I break out the dough hook to avoid hand kneading? Possibly because I forgot I even had the flat beater attachment. I think I never paid it much attention because I was used to the whisk-like spokes of the hand mixer I used growing up and didn't really understand how fabulous a flat beater could be. The whisk attachment worked fine, even for cookies and things, in the past but the flat beater is a revelation. Things don't get stuck in the spokes! I don't have to scrape the sides of the bowl down while mixing! It was faster!