Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting Cozy with Koziol

It is no secret that I am a fan of all things cute, especially in the kitchen. I love fruit prints, anything colorful and most of all, functional things that look like other things like this totally adorable cake knife. Not only does it cut through cake like butter (despite having no sharp edges) it is in the shape of a dog. It goes with my mezzaluna that looks like a rocking horse, my man-shaped pizza cutter, my man shaped whisk, my bunny peppermill, my salt and pepper shakers, my paper towel holder, my pasta spoon that looks like a dragon, and our two dogs' dishes.

What I love about Koziol is that everything in addition to being exceptionally cute, it is also well made. The whisk fits well in your hand, the cake knife cuts wonderfully, the pizza cutter is deadly sharp. You just don't have to sacrifice function for the sake of kitsch when you buy from Koziol. Which is important to me, because hile I like things that are attractive, I also am serious about my cooking and accept only the best from of my tools.