Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tupperware: A Love Story

I have to confess: I am obsessed with Tupperware. It's not the coolest thing to admit as a 26 year old but it's true. I love food storage. I get a little rush when I know exactly what container that bag of popcorn kernels will fit in. I own a book on the history of Tupperware. I've watched the documentary. I sneer at Rubbermaid and it's non-air tight seal. I have Tupperware that is so old it has the "Tupper Seal ", a raised picture of a seal on the lid. I regularly inform people of Tupperware's lifetime guarantee and that if that 50 year old vintage Tupper Seal ever breaks or discolors you can get a brand new piece in as close of a design as they can get. I played with miniature pitchers and bowls as a child in the oh so hip late '70s- early '80s shades of burnt orange, avocado and harvest gold. I know that Tupperware was first invented by Earl Tupper, who invented Poly-T-Ware to encourage "better living through plastic" in a Utopian society. I don't even think that sounds that crazy. What can I say, I like freshness. I value neatness. The idea of uncovered food in the fridge creeps me out. I have to admit, I do have a bit of a phobia related to proper storage of leftovers. Tupperware takes care of all that and comes in pretty colors. I honestly don't know how non-Tupperware users store leftovers. How they transport cupcakes without the rectangular cake taker. Why they would want to.

I know a lot of people think that Tupperware is expensive (and it kind of is) but I have found a lot of (new) Tupperware selling cheaply on eBay (I know! I troll for Tupperware online. Embarrassing!) and it goes on sale frequently. Not to mention that lifetime guarantee. A more dishonest person than I could pick up a bunch of scratched or stained Tupperware at a yard sale for a quarter and turn it in for fresh stock. You can also buy it without having/going to a party online. Which I prefer. Frankly the only thing that keeps me from becoming a Tupperware lady (an concept conceived by Brownie Wise, in case you were wondering.) are the parties.

Tupperware is not without a sense of humor either, each year they hold a design contest for the best non-food storage use of their product.

There you have it. My name is Rachel and I am addicted to Tupperware.