Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lunchbox Cuteness

While I am the teacher, I guarantee my lunch will be more fun than any of the students in my classroom. How could they compete with my Hello Kitty cuteness? I picked up these faux ziplock bags at Target. They run about the same price as regular clear bags but they feature a cute design and come in two sizes: sandwich and the small snack size. On each bag you see the following pictogram: Hello Kitty plus a carton of milk equals and a happy milk drinking Kitty. They also have Hello Kitty ice packs, containers (although I didn't see them in person) and paper bags. I love getting fun and pretty things to put in my lunch and these "zip-seal" bags with their retro HK design fit the bill. I bet actual kids would enjoy them too as Hello Kitty seems to be rising in popularity among the school-aged set.