Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dazzling Delightful Delicious Magazine-Review

I had the good fortune to stumble upon the latest issue of Delicious Magazine-the US edition. It is similar in style to Everyday Food but the recipes and ingredients run to the exotic. There is also a focus on unusual or ethnic oils and ingredients that may be hard to find. In many instances the would be cook is directed to "find this at your local gourmet shop" which may be difficult for those who do not live in a major metropolitan area. While some things seem to be Americanized (a food events across the US section), several of the recipes must have come directly from the Australian original: a recipe for orangeade suggests adding lemonade to make it bubbly (American lemonade is still) and another calls for the poaching of tamarillo; a blood red fruit that I had not heard of until today. This isn't true of all recipes, many can easily be made with ingredients on hand such as "tutti fruitti ice cream" which features various candied fruits stirred into vanilla ice cream. There are also extremely creative recipes such this one:

for a creme brulee tart with toffee shards instead of burnt sugar is beautiful, delicious and clever.

In the US, this magazine is published under Reader's Digest's management. It has few ads, something that might change as it increases circulation, and a cover price of $3.99. Right now I think it is only available in certain test markets, but as time goes on it should be available every where.