Monday, August 07, 2006

Cupcake Cone Pans-Review

How cute are these cupcake pans? Who doesn't remember going to a birthday party where the cupcakes were baked in ice cream cones? I love how you can decorate them to look like ice cream. How fun would it be to have a cupcake decorating party using these cones?

The only drawbacks that I could see are:

1. You don't get to use cupcake liners, which I prefer to do because I dislike the outside "crust" that forms on cake. Although, maybe with the waffle design you don't get much of an edge.

2. I think they would be top heavy and hard to transport.

3. Each pan costs $30 and only makes 6 cupcakes. This means you'd either have to spend $60 on cupcake pans or wait until the pan cools and you clean it to use it again just to make a dozen cupcakes.

4. I wonder how easily the the cupcakes come out of the pan. I know how hard it is to get mini bundt cakes out of the pan. I also have a pan that makes rose shaped cupcakes and it is always touch and go if they come out whole no matter how careful you are.

5. I can't imagine they are easy to eat, lots of icing and tall cake=icing on your nose=big mess. I don't think they'd be any easier to eat with a fork.

That being said, they are super cute and will make an impression at a party. Just know that they will mostly like be more work than the average cupcake.

buy them here.